Private Tutoring

Due to popular demand I now offer 1 to 1 support to assist in the design and technical development of your jewellery projects. The sessions are completely tailored to your specific needs and can be booked as multiples or one off.

This is how it works:

step 1: Get in touch via the CONTACT section on this website and include your phone number and a convenient time to call to arrange a time and date for our meeting.

step 2:  After arranging a date and time, confirm your booking by paying via the link below or in the SHOP section of this website.

1 x 45 minute tutorial
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4 x 45 minute tutorials
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step 3: Receive an email with information on what to prepare for your tutorial to get the most out of it.

step 4: A 45 minute tutorial  usually consists of :

  • outlining your ideas (you can email  as much information as possible in advance).
  • receiving feedback and discussing the best way to take your ideas to the next level.*
  • receiving practical advice and design strategies. Where relevant a design brief or project may be given.
  • receiving technical advice on the production of your pieces.
  • receiving advice on services, materials - and tools suppliers.
  • receiving advice on pricing and approaching commercial outlets to sell your work.
  • creating an action plan.

*Booking a double appointment with a friend, colleague or peer can be very beneficial to the dynamic of the discussion.

step 5: Receive a follow up email with a summary of the meeting.


  • Meetings are generally held at Tate Britain in Pimlico unless otherwise arranged.
  • You will need your own workspace to be able to produce the work. To rent affordable bench space in an equipped workshop in Pimlico, call At Work Gallery on (0)207821 9723 to arrange a viewing.

short Courses

To find out more about the courses I teach at City Lit, Working Men's College, Morley College or At Work Gallery in London, please get in touch through the CONTACT form. I also regularly update these on my facebook page: LOUISE SEIJEN TEN HOORN JEWELLERY COURSES.